The friendly RPG where nobody has to die

UNDERTALE is an RPG made by Toby Fox, released on September 15 2015. It's about a young child who falls into Mt. Ebott. Any human to climb the mountain has been rumored to disappear.

I would recommend the game to anyone I come across. It's a positive, fun adventure where you meet a lot of silly friends. Its gameplay is a mix of bullet-hell and typical RPG mechanics, with the fighting system similar to how the Mario RPGs have Action Commands. Average playtime is around 6 hours, and you can purchase the game from the many places listed on If you're not sure, consider watching the trailer!


Friends of mine know it's very hard for me to pick one favorite of anything, so these are sections where I talk about multiple favorites of something!


Spoilers ahead! If you have not finished UNDERTALE, read at your own risk!


Snowy - OST 17

Every time I hear this song, I'm taken back to when I'd roleplay as Sans on my ROBLOX roleplay game, and a friend of mine would roleplay as Papyrus. Despite me prefering tropical weather, this makes me feel homey and envision being snowed in with hot chocolate...

Bonetrousle - OST 24

I love the trailer version of this song the most. The original is great as well, but something about the trailer version really feels triumphant and powerful. I prefer it to the regular version now...

Dating Start! / Tense! / Fight! - OST 25 - 27

The Ace Attorney music nods went over my head at the time, but when I listen to these as a fan of those games now, I can't help but imagine a scenario where Phoenix and Maya have to help one of the monsters in a court case...

Premonition - OST 28

This song is literally like a few piano keys but I still love it. It feels so creepy, ominous, and foreboding. Something just isn't adding up, and you can't put your finger on it, until...

Undyne - OST 30

The ominous tone and the looming dread is amazing. I really wish this song was extended, because I love the type of intense this song is... The later themes for Undyne, like Spear of Justice are intense, but they're a more "I'm going to punch you in the face with JUSTICE!!" intense.

Alphys - OST 48

Every time I listen to this I just think of Alphys in the Paper Mario art style. The instruments really remind me of The Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario especially... I really wish there was more tracks like this one.

Another Medium - OST 51

This one gets in my head constantly. I love how relaxed, yet upbeat it is. It always feels like I'm in a weird world that doesn't exactly want me here, yet is having fun with me here anyhow.

Uwa!! So HEATS!! - OST 52

I love this rendition of the Uwa!! So [X] songs, but I can't help but think of the one SiIvaGunner rip of this song... The instruments are really goofy.

Spider Dance - OST 59

I envision Muffet bouncing to the music in the head when I listen to this. Years ago, I would listen to a version of this song made from dog barks while I was working... It was a weirdly motivating song. It brings immense nostalgia.


In a way, this both does and doesn't feel like a song you might hear when you're nearing the end of your journey. Parts of it feel very final and foreboding, and other times it feels like something I might hear on a dance floor. I like that about it, though.

Undertale - OST 71

I rarely listen to this song on purpose. It's not that it's bad (why else would I list it here), I love the piano and guitar, but... It feels wrong to listen to it outside of moments when you think about your life in a reflective manner.


One of my big favorites is this song. I love how regretful and powerful it sounds. The Heartache lemotif, too, really strikes with me here... It's a symbol of what Asgore as lost, but it also represents heartache this situation is for him. When I got to this part of the game, even though I knew there was no way to spare him, I kept trying out of denial. I didn't want to hurt him after not hurting everyone else.

Your Best Nightmare - OST 79

The utter hopelessness and anxiety in this fast-paced song is amazing. I have deliberately gone out of my way to listen to this outside of the fight. I personally love the SOUL segments the most. They feel frantic and panicked, and it's such a fun feeling of being on your toes.

An Ending - OST 81

No matter what ending, this song always fits. It's so weird that despite the varied amount of emotion in each ending, this single song manages to capture and fit each and every one of them. Sometimes, this song feels cautiously hopeful, and others it feels downright depressing. It's all about your outlook, and it's amazing for being that flexible.

Fallen Down (Reprise) - OST 85

This is one of the songs that still manages to make me tear up sometimes. Thinking about all of my friends that care about me come together, united under one goal... something about it is very touching. I've listened to this song thinking about everyone being happy together, and it makes me shed a tear of happiness.

Don't Give Up - OST 86

I love how hopeful, triumphant, and powerful this is. Even when all hope should be lost, when everything should seem bleak, it's not. You have the power to change it.

Reunited - OST 92

Same deal with Undertale... I only listen to this when I reflect on my life and look back on how far I've come. It gives me a sense of hope, relief... and it makes me happy that I'm still here.

Battle Against a True Hero - OST 98

This is my favorite genocide exclusive song. It's that kind of seriousness I longed for from Undyne (the song, not the character). It's powerful with moments of sorrow, but most importantly, it feels determined... determined to stop you!




Frisk slowly became a favorte character of mine over the years. When I'm hyperfixated on something, I analyze the hell out of every little detail. When I did that with UNDERTALE, I found out Frisk does have a little bit of personality, and it helped me become more attached to them as their own person. Did you know they don't like soda? It's implied during the Undyne hangout if you try to pick soda!



The way he goes about antagonizing Frisk and others is really interesting. The whole game, he's hiding and spectating from the shadows. This flower will study the way you behave and either take advantage of any weakness you have, or... sympathize with you. It always struck me as interesting how he seems a bit compassionate after a pacifist neutral route despite having trouble feeling much. The way he reacts to and processes his trauma sticks with me deeply.

I love that Flowey, as messed up as he is, is capable of growth and change. Even if he did horrible things that aren't excusable, he is able to be better. He couldn't go back to how things were before he died as Asriel, but he can learn, adapt, and live as Flowey.



I've always liked Toriel, but much like Frisk, she's grown onto me. She reminds me a lot of my own mom, although more calm and reserved. I love that when away from children, she lets herself get more rowdy and silly. I love her kind and motherly nature, even if it comes off as a little overbearing at times. It's better to care a bit too much than not at all.

Her and Sans are dorks. The fact they both have a sock collection will never not be funny and adorable to me. Neither of them even wear socks... Maybe they do for special occasions?



He is one of the top 10 idiots of all time. While most people like him for his role in the genocide route, I much prefer his sillier self in the pacifist route. This man can fit so many stupid bone puns in him it's amazing. No wonder he connected so well with Toriel over the shared interest of puns.

It's interesting to look at the pacifist run and how Sans changes in it. He goes from emotionally distant from you while cracking jokes to willing to be able to open up a little about himself to connect with and be friends with you throughout his two hangouts... In a way, it feels like he's learning that it's okay to be vulnerable again. I really connect with that.



His endless optimism is incredibly inspiring to me. The way he praises himself without putting others down stuck with me. It made me want to be kinder to myself, so I could be kinder to others.

I was one of many who pointed to the small pixel skeleton and went, "he's so me for real"! He missed social queues occassionally, had special interests nobody else seemed deeply into like puzzles, and was often percieved as childish. For the longest time I related to him with these qualities and never understood why, but when I was diagnosed with autism it clicked for me. As such, to me, Papyrus is an autistic icon.



Over the years, she became a favorite of mine. One of my friends had an Alternate Universe with Undyne in Sans' position, and his take on her stood out to me. It reminded me of what made Undyne unique... She's full of passion and WILL let you know about it!! Nggaahh!!! She loves her friends! She loves her girlfriend!! She loves violently playing the piano!!! ... Well, maybe not violently. She plays it really gently, and it's a really nice contrast to her bombastic personality. I wonder what her favorite type of song to play on the piano is?

Seeing endings of UNDERTALE where her passion completely left her is really heartbreaking. She feels like she failed and let those that matter to her down, and feels like she can't do anything to redeem herself. I relate to that deeply.



Admittingly, I didn't used to really like her. Don't get me wrong, I liked her, but she was like most of the monsters you fought in the game to me for a while. I didn't used to find the whole "nerd" part of characters interesting. I don't know what clicked, but later on, she became a bit of a favorite too.

Alphys made a lot of mistakes during her time as Royal Scientist. She's amazing at what she does; she made a robot body for a ghost, she did a lot of research on Determination and what that substance meant for human SOULs, and in a few seconds made a phone that can turn into a jetpack! However, there's no doubt that she handled the Amalgamates pretty poorly. I relate deeply to wanting to hide the bad parts of yourself out of fear of hate... I'm glad she learns that her friends will stick by her and help her fix things. That's hard to learn.



Admittingly, I don't think about Mettaton a lot. It's a shame, because he's honestly really great! Despite how selfish and self-absorbed he is, he does care about Alphys and Napstablook. It takes him a while to realize that his friends are important, but when he does, it's nice to see him support Alphys in his own... weird way.

I always found his backstory before becoming a show preforming robot to be interesting. He used to live on a snail farm, for corn's sake! He's always desired to be something more and to make a positive impact on the Underground. Hell, in his pacifist fight, Frisk makes him realize how much he matters to the Underground. He's their only star and source of entertainment, and in that sense he brings a nice piece of hope. It's really sweet to see him smile at the sight of his impact on people.



I love Asgore a lot. I wish the best for him. He's went through a lot, as a father, husband, and king. He's often described as a fuzzy pushover for how nice he is, but many don't realize he can be really stubborn too. As much as he doesn't want to, he refuses to not fight you until multiple monsters tell him to stop because he feels pressured by his own promise he made a hundred years ago. He feels deep regret and sorrow about his emotional outburst that lead him to make such a promise, but, he can't turn back... and I relate to that. It really stings seeing him kill himself in one of the alternate endings to his fight in neutral routes. All he wanted was to make things better and fix what happened to his family and his people, but he struggles because it's essentially his wife or the kingdom of monsters.

I like to think that on the surface, he's learning to set boundaries for himself and understand he doesn't need to choose between his kingdom and his loved ones anymore. The dialogue from the Alarm Clock app makes me feel like he is.



From first glance, there's not much to know about Chara. They were suicidal, they hated humanity, and they were close to Asriel. However, going with the popular Narrator Chara theory where Chara is the one narrating your adventure in UNDERTALE, I think there's a lot more to them.

In every fight with the Dreemurrs (or during genocide-route exclusive fights), a flag in the game is set to shorten the name of your items to less humorous versions. ButtsPie becomes Pie, for example. The fact serious mode happens with all of them cements the idea that Chara was really close with the Dreemurrs and felt very loved by them. Outside of these fights, the shortened names are very goofy. To me, this lends to the idea that they were silly and loved being creepy, yet at their core was troubled and didn't know how to handle it (not unlike Kris in DELTARUNE).

Alternate Universes

If you've been in fandoms long enough, you may know about Alternate Universes (AUs). They're alternate versions of the world and the people living in it.

I wasn't always into AUs. However, as time passed and I got older, some of them stuck with me and I grew to love them a bit more.

I won't go very deep about each AU as that would need its own page, but I will do my best to explain why that AU is a favorite of mine and why I recommend it!



"Taking place after a failed Undertale Pacifist run, Inverted Fate explores what would happen if Asriel did reset the timeline- but something went horribly wrong and resulted in a brand new world."


Inverted Fate is what many call "the unofficial sequel to UNDERTALE," and that title isn't unearned. Frisk is a snarky kid who is well-meaning and wants the best for everyone, and we get to see more of how they are through this comic. They truly feel like their own person, and I love seeing how they mesh with everyone.


Papyrus follows Frisk throughout their adventure since they met in Snowdin, and it's one of the most unique pieces of this AU. Papyrus still feels like himself, although with an interest in science, and the way he approaches problems as if they are puzzles is one of my favorite traits of his here. He really shines when he and Frisk are together, standing against the odds.

This is one of my favorite AUs and is what eventually lead me to give AUs more of a chance. I initally started out as a fan, but I now have the honor of being able to contribute to the project! I heavily recommend checking it out.

Inverted Fate Button

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Sprites created by Dorked and the Inverted Fate team.



"Before you start your adventure, let me tell you a tale from long ago. Please, sit down and pay attention. This story is very important."

If you've heard of UNDERSWAP, this is an interpretation of the premise of swapping character roles. In common interpretations, characters swap personalities as well, but is not present here.


I initially knew nothing about TS!UNDERSWAP. After I played it, I fell in love with it. Chara is at their peak silliness with how much of a gremlin they can act like, and it feels so natural to see them like that. They seem so happy when put with monster kind, and it makes me feel like how I did when I first got into UNDERTALE.


Seeing Asgore and how he interacted with Chara warmed my heart. He wasn't overbearing like Toriel was in UNDERTALE, but still served as a guiding hand for this swapped world. He lets Chara explore for themselves and it tore my heart when it came time to leave Ruined Home. It makes me wish we got more scenes with Asgore like this in UNDERTALE...

Not long after, I was granted the ability to work on the project! I'm honored to be able to help shape the game into something amazing.

Storyshift Button

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Sprites created by the TS!UNDERSWAP team.



"Storyshift is a what-if of Undertale. How would X person act in Y’s role in the story? Would they have consequences due to their actions and what would they be? And it all snowballed from there."


I never completely read the preboot, but I did always like what was there. The reboot made me fall in love with it again, especially with how the characters are written and the scenarios presented.

I love Papyrus. He became the mom he so badly wanted to be from the UNDERTALE Greenlight trailer. He feels like himself and I desperately want to know what happened between him and Sans. Hell, you would think Papyrus is better suited for being in Asgore's role, but he's back at the RUINS in Toriel's. I just hope those two siblings don't hate each other.

Chara Asriel

It's nice to see an interpretation of Chara that isn't a sweet little angel OR an evil little devil! They're just themselves. Not to mention Asriel, who also isn't a perfect child. He's well meaning and sweet, but he's a bit of a bastard child and I'm happier for it! I'm glad aspects of Flowey were put into his character here.

Storyshift Button

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Sprites Voltra, Beethovenus and E-Clare.



"Otherwise known as 'Oh, Come On! ANOTHER Undertale Role-Swap AU?!'"


When I got into Inverted Fate for the first time, I didn't give many AUs much of a chance. After befriending the creator of Scramble Saga, I finally gave it a chance and I wish I read this sooner. The idea of Chara within Toriel's role is an incredibly interesting one, and what's done with it is completely unique. Also, Chara uses knives for gardening, which is my favorite thing.


Undyne appears later in Sans' role, and her appearance and portrayal here is slowly what started my appreciation for Undyne in general. It made me realize how much depth her character has and how far it goes... I only wish Undyne the best in this AU. She's got good friends I think. I mean, she's got Papyrus!! That guy's a bundle of energy! Though, he's pretty busy... He's her best friend for a reason though!

Unfortunately, the AU has been discontinued. However, it got as far as Waterfall, so I still recommend giving it a read!

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