hey this is really wip so excuse the ugliness

Pizza Tower is an indie platformer made by Tour de Pizza. It's heavily inspired by 90's cartoons and the Wario Land series. It stars a middle aged Italian man, Peppino, as he climbs a tower by Pizzaface to save his restaurant from being blown up.

Pizza Granny

There are Spoiliops on this page! Check your expiration date on your pizza in the tower.


As many of my friends know, it's impossible for me to pick just one favorite. Aside from favorite characters, I also have a few favorite levels!!



I think Peppino is one of my first favorite characters that happens to be a middle-aged man. He's an anxious, hot-headed mess that can bulldoze anything in his way and you know what, I'm for it. He's very silly for someone who's such a mess. It's a shame his pizzeria gets no business and he's in debt too, because there's no way this guy doesn't put his soul into his pizzas. He should've really learned something about financing.


Gustavo is described as the Mario to Peppino's Wario, and I very much see it. I mean... he's literally just Mario but normal, I think. But I still like him regardless! He's portrayed as a really nice and sweet guy, except in that fight with Brick on floors 1 and 2. I think it's really silly how Brick just kept chasing Gustavo around at first. I wonder why he did that...? In scrapped sprites and gameplay, it's shown that if Peppino were to fail at delivering Pizzas (like in Gnome Forest), Gustavo would've gotten REALLY pissed and beat the shit out of Peppino. While I'm glad that's not in the final game, I think it's really funny Gustavo generally doesn't get pissed at anything until you do something he REALLY doesn't like.


Brick is a Stupid Rat (species name) and he's... I guess stupid? I mean, he can read newspapers, so he can't be that dumb. Despite nothing going on with this guy except the fact he's paired up with Gustavo, I love him. His head is very empty.


Where do I start with Theodore NoiseTM? He's like Bugs Bunny but if he wasn't some guy minding his business and just wanted to bother people for fun. I don't think I've enjoyed a cartoony character like this for YEARS. He's not malicious, but he definitely likes to be annoying. Especially to Peppino. Personally, I would love it if someone locked those two in a room so I could watch them kill each other. I love their dynamic so much. I think my favorite part of it is that Noise doesn't even hate the guy despite the insults, he just likes to mess with him because of the reactions. I can see them caring about each other, but neither of them ever want to admit it.


The fact that Noisette is described as a noisier noise than The Noise is really funny to me, especially since she doesn't seem to be annoying on purpose. She's just like that! I love annoying women. There should be more of them I think. It sucks that her appearance is delegated to the end of Noise's fight and a little cafe cameo, because I'd love to see her more. Concept art showed her as a shop keep originally, but it's understandable why that was removed. Art of playable Noisette shows her on roller skates and that seems like so much fun, so maybe in the future...?

Also, because Noisette means hazelnut in French, I like to think her real name is Hazel. It would be cute.

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